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True stories, that are informative, educational, intriguing, and exclusive, based on my knowledge and experience.   This book “True stories from the desk of a Palmist” is the result of my urge to present to the world evidence of how Palmistry is an empirical science and not just mock guesswork. The stories are proof of how this science can be of immense benefit to anyone in a time of distress. This book is catered to people from all fields and diverse backgrounds who love to read about the real-life experiences of people. The stories are true cases of my clients. They came to me in times of distress when they had nowhere or nobody else to turn to. These are the cases in which the predictions came cent percent true based on my thirty years of experience and knowledge of Numerology and Palmistry. This science became an alternate therapy to solve the most intricate problems of my client’s life.   This collection is a factual series, taken from different walks of life. These stories are some of the most soul-touching incidents which have happened in my clients’ lives. My book depicts how the science of palmistry has worked like positive healing therapy for people who were very disturbed and sometimes like an unexpected pleasant surprise to people who had lost something close to them. To some, it was like an oxygen supply given to a dying person while to some it was complete bliss. Some even said that visiting me felt like finding an oasis in the desert while some called it nothing short of a heavenly shower or a miracle. There is nothing more that gives me happiness when I get such a response from my clients. I consider it my ultimate reward.

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