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Home in Infinite Spaces (English) By Simran Kaur


Pages – 171
Publication Date – 2.Oct.21


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Donned in his classy khadi attire, who was once a corporate bigwig, now walks on the roads less traveled to spread the message of love, peace, and harmony. In today’s world where money is increasingly becoming dearer to humans, Yogesh hung his boots as a corporate leader to make this world a better place to live. This book not only offers a narrative for the way of life, but also provides insight into two diametrically opposed worlds: the one of enormous luxury and success, compelling personal anecdotes, and the one that reflects on how money cannot buy everything in life. While humanity and the power of love over money highlight the bleakness of existence; the story reflects how people remain unenlightened as to its true values and meaning. “Home in Infinite Spaces” is a remarkable book. It is a story of trust, gratitude, and courage. Yogesh is a man of Peace. His journey is a pilgrimage for Peace. This book should be read by all but particularly by the young so that they can be inspired to trust and be adventurous. To embark on a journey through unknown countries and unknown people requires resilience and endurance. Yogesh accepted hardships and difficulties for a greater cause of peace with determination and commitment. I congratulate him for making the journey and now writing this story. — Satish Kumar (Founder of Schumacher College & Designer of My Life)

1 review for Home in Infinite Spaces (English) By Simran Kaur

  1. Karnail Singh Somal

    Hello Savvy, I am giving below my impressions of the book.
    As I told you earlier I read this book in the first two three days. This means it is very interesting as well as informative. It is well written as well as well printed. It is attractive to see.
    My main interest was to see the journey of a brilliant and talented person, ups and down of his life. Also how he pondered and reflected about life, made decisions of far reaching consequences. The course of his life changes. The whole family is affected. Luckily, the family was not that bad economically.
    His quest for meaning of life is understandable. Seeking happiness and peace of mind is laudable. These are indeed higher goals, however, the price one has to pay is nonetheless too much.
    I wonder, if the life of man flows normally, he can lead normal life. However, canvas of life is very vast, rather infinite, different attitudes, different ways to understand it, no one can say it is final.
    To be honest I kept thinking about old age parents, and two daughters. They might have reconciled, but a vacuum seems to remain.
    On the whole the book is worth reading. I like such books. Congratulations to Vishamitra Yogesh for his spiritual adventures. It is great. He dared to swim in the ocean and not in ponds. Best wishes for one and all.
    Karnail Singh Somal

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